Are you delivering promised value

Are you delivering promised value

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Is your product really delivering the promised value?

No one will be surprised if this question comes up during the discussions with a salesperson, or a product manager. This value is actually built as a key ingredient of the product and it is equally important for the product developer to understand and assimilate the same while developing a feature.

The value is really built during the development process, the salesperson is just cashing on it during the sales.

We were reviewing a new product being built, and the discussion followed a brief demo of the product. The product is expected to deliver on the promised value. On top of that, it is expected to demonstrate that the value is really being delivered. The customer should be able to measure the value and be convinced that the product is really working. For example, if the product is expected to result in saving money, then the money saved must be clearly visible and highlighted when achieved.

Isn’t it a key for building a really good product?

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