Why I don’t make new year resolutions: The Truth

Why I don’t make new year resolutions: The Truth

New year resolution

“I am flooded with new ideas.” Yash and I were having our Saturday breakfast at our favorite place along with a very large cup of coffee. “My new year resolution is to take the plunge, get over the fear, and start something of my own.”

“Wow, Yash! I am with you. Finally, you made up your mind. I am so excited to hear this. The breakfast is on me, today!”

Sometimes, one just needs some reason, some push, and a spark to start something new. For such beginnings, the new year is a great occasion.

“What is yours?” Asked Yash.

“I don’t have any. In fact, I never made any new year resolution.” I had no reason to feel guilty.

I see many people start something, just because it is a new year. Follow it rigorously for a week or two! And then put it back on hold, only to bring it back in the next year.

“Wish you a great year ahead, and I am sure your dreams will come true in the new year. Good luck.”

To start something new and exciting, should I wait for the new year?

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