Always keep Users in Mind

Always keep Users in Mind

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Today we completed a month in new office. It has been #refreshing to be in the new place. We started #interacting with each other as earlier. With any new thing, there are challenges, however we have planned many things ahead of time to reduce the pain.
Before we signed up for the place, we had evaluated many options. At the end we had shortlisted a couple of them, and there was a debate about which one we should go for. Both were equally attractive from different perspectives. As always, we had very little time to decide.
It was a no brainer to say, “Do what is right for the business.”. However, that does not help. It only changes the question to “What is right for the business?”
We decided to go by the perspective of the end users. In our case, the majority of the users are young, dynamic, enthusiastic engineers who prefer to spend maximum amount of time in office.
What criteria do you use for the final selection?

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