Choose the right technology for the problem at hand

Choose the right technology for the problem at hand

Choose the right technology for the problem at hand“Hello, nice to meet you Sangram.” I was surprised to see Sangram along with Yash this time.

“Yes, I am also excited. I am joining hands with Yash in his new startup.” Said Sangram.

“Based on what you have discussed with Yash earlier, I have tried to understand the product vision, I think it makes perfect business sense. I would love to work on that. I agree with you that I should not stick to my ideas only and focus on solving the customer problem along with the right choice of team members.”

Looked like Yash had done a pretty good job of convincing Sangram. He had also communicated everything we discussed in our previous meetings.

Sangram had a solid technical background, and his attention to detail would add tremendous value to the team.

“We had some discussions at length on the possible solutions to be built. Sangram has been working on the required technology for past years. And his experience of the technology will become very valuable to us.” Yash added.

Great, but how do you know the answer even before you know what is the question? What if the question changes tomorrow? “ I asked with a smile ?
“See, this is a classic mistake in startups.
Don’t build and go to people asking if they want to use it, ask them before you start.
First, focus on identifying the problem, and then choose the technology based on the problem at hand, and not based on your own comfort.”
What would be your advice to Yash and Sangram on this?

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