How can you leverage Retail Market worth $90 Billion

how can you leverage $90 Billion Retail Market

Retail Shopping for Shoppers with Physical Disabilities – An underserved market worth $90 Billion

61 million people in the US live with a disability. Over 10 million of these people are with mobility disability or self-care disability, with difficulty dressing or bathing. This is a market with some big numbers — with yearly average sales of a customer standing at $1500, people with disabilities contribute to $90 billion in sales annually. This is a huge segment of the population that rarely finds shopping a pleasurable experience because of the barriers to access set up by the technology that retailers deploy.

While caught in the rush of responding to fast-changing environments, it is easy to miss out on addressing the basic needs of people with disabilities while building systems and interfaces. Companies have dedicated teams to tick the accessibility standards boxes but miss the mark when they have customer engagement systems like standard chatbots or create restrictive shopping experiences.

Explore how you can leverage this huge underserved segment of Retail Market using Conversational AI.