The scaling and delivery challenge

Startups need responsive and flexible software development teams to build prototypes and convert them into products

This requires startups to look for external assistance – on demand teams that can scale and deliver on tight schedules

Rapid delivery of prototypes

Expert, skilled and fully managed development team

We offer technology consulting and solution engineering services to radically improve business performance by converting customer vision to reality..

Requirements analysis and commercial viability assurance

Value Proposition

Engagement from the early stage to rapidly deliver prototypes and products rooted in ‘correct by design’ product architecture, developed and tested using practical methodologies and implemented with open source technologies



Software product engineering

  • Data driven architecture definition process to analyze customer requirements
  • Built in SaaS enablement, scalability, security, cloud vendor neutrality, service orientation and load balancing, etc.
  • Infrastructure fully researched and analyzed before building specifications



Technology for transformation

  • Cost controls
  • Quick start
  • Traceable
  • Easier reporting
  • 100% transparency



Powering Information Archival Products

  • Deliver high quality products on time and in budget
  • Expertise in storage tools & technologies, Identification & benchmarking of archive fabric
  • Build, test and deploy massive scale, high performance archiving solutions
  • A market driven consultative approach on product development strategy and implementation



Future proofing products

  • Experienced team with deep knowledge and expertise
  • Responsive and accountable
  • Effective due diligence to deliver lasting ROI


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