Challenges in developing great software

Typical SW specification is created using a bell curve distribution – outliers are typically not considered. Additionally, user behavior is not limited by specified behavior – such unspecified user behavior can cause catastrophic failures and lead to widespread customer dissatisfaction.

Since a comprehensive solution to address this doesn’t exist in the market today, companies address this challenge by using ad hoc, manual processes that suffer from lack of coverage.

how does ClearVoyance work?

ClearVoyance is a proprietary methodology that is used to uncover unspecified pathways that lead to software failure, thus reducing customer satisfaction and a poor end user experience.

ClearVoyance is used to uncover unspecified behavior or usage across three dependent variables – across user, environment and system. ClearVoyance is a predictive analysis technique that identifies, classifies and assigns probability to the frequency and amplitude of events that may cause software failures. In short, ClearVoyance is used to predict all possible ways a software may be utilized, and to identify specific paths that lead to failure. Further, by integrating ClearVoyance in the software product development cycle, susceptibility to failure is significantly reduced.

ClearVoyance benefits

Set and measure a product confidence index. A product confidence index is a predictor of release quality and timeliness.

Reduce churn in product management

Continuous improvement in product quality through institutional learning.

Value Proposition

ClearVoyance methodology allows organizations to reduce time to market by up to 25% while improving customer satisfaction through a reduction in customer escalations and radically improved software usability.



Software product engineering

  • Data driven architecture definition process to analyze customer requirements
  • Built in SaaS enablement, scalability, security, cloud vendor neutrality, service orientation and load balancing, etc.
  • Infrastructure fully researched and analyzed before building specifications



Technology for transformation

  • Cost controls
  • Quick start
  • Traceable
  • Easier reporting
  • 100% transparency



Powering Information Archival Products

  • Deliver high quality products on time and in budget
  • Expertise in storage tools & technologies, Identification & benchmarking of archive fabric
  • Build, test and deploy massive scale, high performance archiving solutions
  • A market driven consultative approach on product development strategy and implementation



Future proofing products

  • Experienced team with deep knowledge and expertise
  • Responsive and accountable
  • Effective due diligence to deliver lasting ROI


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