NoSql Databases – Overview

With the huge amount of free formed, almost unstructured data generated thrgouh blogs, social media platforms and what not, the question is how to make sense out of this data. In order to do that, it is important that this data be stored in efficient data models, which would keep the natural features of the … Continued

Building a Car-Phone App in iOS?

Recently I got a chance to explore possibility of creating an innovative car-phone application on iPhone. This app should give access to all (deemed) useful functionality the user wants at one place. As a first step, I set out to search for any such existing applications on App Store. To my surprise, I did not … Continued

NetSuite : Getting off the blocks…

Recently I have had a chance to work on NetSuite. It took me some time to get familiar and then start doing development in NetSuite. In the process of learning NetSuite I referred to a lot websites, NetSuite documentation. I have now started getting a better handle and confidence of how things work in NetSuite … Continued