How to build HTTP REST APIs with AWS + Serverless Framework

Use case  In this walk through, I’ll be showing you how to build and deploy REST APIs using Serverless Framework and Amazon Web Services.  In this use case we will be building REST APIs to get temperature information of the city requested by client. These APIs will fetch data from free weather APIs provided by … Continued

Tutorial of Data Analysis in Python + Jupyter Notebook

“Torture the data, and it will confess” — Ronald Coase   You’ve probably heard “Data is the new oil”.   Yes, in the 19th century the industrial revolution happened because of oil. Similar industrial revolution is happening in the 21st century because of data and Data Analysis is a key aspect of this revolution. In … Continued

Top Seven Soft Skills For A Product Developer

Top Seven Soft Skills For A Product Developer A lot has been said about skills of a product manager. No doubt it is a highlighted position in any product company. However the majority of work actually happens in the engineering labs, where the product takes shape. The abilities of the product developer can greatly influence … Continued

Going Global with MWS-API

Introduction Amazon provides a complete (well ! almost complete) web based solution for retailers, and makes it very easy to handle operations. However, a significant number of challenges emerge as one starts selling on multiple marketplaces. It is not just about localization and formats, there are a lot more differences in the way different marketplaces … Continued

Code bloat and Performance

Code bloat and Performance Best Line of code written is … the one which is not written. Background Computers in various forms and shapes are increasingly touching everyday lives. Various applications and software solutions to support these are churned out every day, resulting in a huge amount of code. In such applications, performance is an … Continued

NoSql Databases – Document Stores

In the last article, we analyzed the concept of key-value stores. Moving ahead, let us now go into the details of document stores or document datbases. What is a document store/ document database? In the introductory article on NoSql databases, we discussed that the relational models are not suitable for domain driven datamodelling or aggregate … Continued

NoSql Databases – Key-Value Store

In the last article, we had an introduction to NoSql databases. Now let us go into details of main types of NoSql databases. Some of the most popular types of NoSql datastores are as follows : Key-value stores Column family stores Document databases Graph databases In the next few articles, we will do a detailed … Continued