Dashboards To Data Stories… The Inevitable shift

Imagine you are a high flying sales executive of a big telecom company providing communication and networking solutions to 100s of thousands of businesses as customers. You are staring at this massive screen, which has an information packed dashboard. Dashboard is packed with all kinds of graphs, maps, charts, infographics representing valuable information from various … Continued

Failures, more important for Growth, than Success

  Recently, I have been writing regularly for our Company. I enjoyed writing about some success stories of our company. Every company has success and failure stories. I believe it’s enjoyable to write about success stories, but it’s not easy to write about something that you have failed in. It’s like writing your own failure … Continued

Enabling customers to create innovative security solutions

  Getting attacked by a malicious software is a nightmare. They are not only highly difficult to cure, but the thought that they can show up any day, anywhere is a cause for sleepless nights. The attackers are getting more and more sophisticated and intelligent. They are also getting very destructive and disruptive, using large … Continued

Injecting Startup DNA, in an established Enterprise

  Startup DNA is focused on improving chances of success for any new business. So what is it go to do with a market leading, multi-billion dollar enterprise ? Well I have an interesting story to share, which connects the above two, which are otherwise miles apart. One of our customers (then … they were just … Continued

Forklifting existing Client-Server installations into The Cloud

  In an era where users are demanding more flexibility and security in accessing personal and professional data, from anywhere and anytime, how does the CIO take up the challenge to move the solutions that use popular Client Sever architecture and move them to Cloud without glitches? Client server systems are typical distributed systems, that … Continued

Customer delight … is not enough ?

  Friends… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say that Customer delight is not important …All I am saying is it’s not enough to stop at that … Every business tries exceeding Customer expectations to create a positive customer experience. But, when you are a B2B company, the game is different. It is not … Continued

Holiday season peak loads : High Stakes, no margin for error

  For any business with an online business models, peak periods coincide with more business, and hugely increased loads. For a low margin business like retail, these peak period opportunities are critical to book profits for entire year. The stakes are very high and there is no room for error. Sudden surges in traffic, will … Continued