Screwdriver to Push a Pin?

  “Oh! Why are you using the handle of the screwdriver to push this pin? You should be using a hammer, isn’t it?” Several times products are used for a purpose that was never intended during development. “First of all, it saves me time, otherwise I have to waste time switching the tool, also this … Continued

Giving up is not an option

  Just a few days back, the team was discussing about how a certain thing can be achieved using GoLang. As such anything can be done in any programming language, however how we do a specific thing in GoLang can differ from other languages. There was very heated discussion, as the same thing could be … Continued

What do you do in case of many Alternatives?

  When you have many #alternatives, what is the #best way of doing something? In a recent discussion about maintaining #security of our private #network, the team was discussing the best possible way to set up the configuration. Swanand had to configure the firewall, with more than one WAN links, multiple internal subnets, load balancing, #VPN access to external users, and protection against … Continued

How do you define ‘Done’?

  How do you define ‘Done’? The definition of when to say something is done, will vary a lot based on the person who is answering the question. More about that in a different post later. What I want to talk about today is the eagerness to take the credit and get #publicity. Many times getting … Continued


  In CoreView growth begins when you accept a new challenge. However How long can you grow alone? There is a limit to how much one can grow and achieve as an individual. To accept more complex challenges, and to act on them, one needs to team up with others. The next phase of growth … Continued

What is your definition of growth?

  What is your definition of growth? Everyone wants to grow, however what it means to them can be completely different. For some it is the pay package, for others it is the number of people reporting, for some others it is the title or designation. For the remaining, it is just their experience counted … Continued

Asking the right business question

  Last week I wrote about meeting the expectations of the end-user. That will definitely make your product easy to use and popular. But is that good enough? To make a product useful, it has to solve a very specific business problem. Or else don’t write the code, at least not yet. At CoreView Systems Private … Continued

B2B or B2C?

During the initial days at CoreView, we got an opportunity to present to a large multinational. CoreView was a small startup then, but technically strong enough to face the challenge. We started talking about capabilities. As soon as we opened the slide on “TokenJunction”, one of the directors jumped in. “Oh! Is that your product?” … Continued

Top Seven Soft Skills For A Product Developer

Top Seven Soft Skills For A Product Developer A lot has been said about skills of a product manager. No doubt it is a highlighted position in any product company. However the majority of work actually happens in the engineering labs, where the product takes shape. The abilities of the product developer can greatly influence … Continued