NoSql Databases – Document Stores

In the last article, we analyzed the concept of key-value stores. Moving ahead, let us now go into the details of document stores or document datbases. What is a document store/ document database? In the introductory article on NoSql databases, we discussed that the relational models are not suitable for domain driven datamodelling or aggregate … Continued

NoSql Databases – Key-Value Store

In the last article, we had an introduction to NoSql databases. Now let us go into details of main types of NoSql databases. Some of the most popular types of NoSql datastores are as follows : Key-value stores Column family stores Document databases Graph databases In the next few articles, we will do a detailed … Continued

NoSql Databases – Overview

With the huge amount of free formed, almost unstructured data generated thrgouh blogs, social media platforms and what not, the question is how to make sense out of this data. In order to do that, it is important that this data be stored in efficient data models, which would keep the natural features of the … Continued