Data Engineering at CoreView makes your data –

Usable – Across departments, across systems, irrespective of data formats

Available – On demand, or pushed to you proactively

Secure – Users only have access to data that they need to access and modify, not otherwise

CoreView’s Data Engineering services help

  • Discover new Business Opportunities

  • Make Smart Systems and Smart Processes

  • Take Intelligent Data Driven Business Decisions


Data Engineering services at CoreView cover all the Business, Financial and Technical drivers. This is a proven model to make your data Smart, Secure & unravel interesting trends like product usage patterns, marketing-sales projections backed by solid data.

How Our Process is Different-


Incremental value delivered at each step


On-board at any stage of data maturity


We cannot do this without you


Built-In Business Focus

Enterprise Data + Operational Data + Customer Data

Our 3 Step Process


  • Data, System and Business Assessment of existing Ecosystem as per the Business Goals

  • Identify Risks towards the business goals, due to lack of Data Strategy, Smart Processes and Smart Systems

  • Formulate Data Governance and Roadmap to implement it


  • Implement Data management in phases

  • Leverage Data Management Best Practices

  • Transform Raw Data to High Quality and Smart Data

  • Future Proof Systems and Effective Data Integrations

  • Build Business Continuity & Data  Availability for critical business  functions

  • Data as a service

  • Attain Operational Efficiency



  • Business Intelligence- Dashboards, Reports, Alerts, Scorecards, Self Service BI

  • Predictive Maintenance, Prescriptive Modelling using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science

  • What-if-Analysis to predict and project

  • Recommendation Engines for better customer experience & Sentiment Analysis

  • Data Visualization & Advanced Analytics